I’ve been designing and publishing magazines for 15 years, most of the work I have time to do these days is art directing, but I love being hands on and getting a few pages designed. We’re developing lots of new ideas and templates at Time & Leisure magazine which has given me the perfect opportunity to get my hands on a few pages to layout.

Party scene March Party scene apr

The new party pages in March and April – designed to look busy to convey a busy social life

Spring Palettes-1 Spring Palettes-2

Spring decor – what a fabulous theme to work on, love it. Two page editorial, right followed by a left hand page, using our new 6 column grid layout. Some of our magazines are running this one page version.


And don’t miss this amazing, dramatic four page photo shoot by Gregg Stone. I loved injecting this yellow from our spring colour palette, but to be honest it’s the photos that really do all the hard work in creating pages that pack a punch – watch out readers!

Fashion shoot Time & Leisure

Fashion-2 Fashion-3Fashion-4

View the full photo shoot online at

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