Customer Magazines

Working for the retail sector creating in-store magazines was a lot of fun. I’ve had the pleasure of creating two store magazines from scratch, and they both have great fashion brands to work with. I employed a team to complement their in-house teams and we got cracking on developing the themes for each season, shooting the clothes, and building the looks. The design had inspire readers to shop, and they did, the readers came in asking for certain looks and items in the magazines. Most important though is the feel of the magazines, overall they create customer confidence in these department stores that they have the latest season’s styles and great brands.


Layout 1

Elys2print 1 26 Elys2print 1 21NEW Elys2print 1 19NEW Elys2print 1 9NEW

Bentalls 2 Bentall 1

BENTALLS 22-44 BENTALLS 01-21 BENTALLS 01-21 BENTALLS 01-21 BENTALLS 01-21 Bentalls

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