T&L logo b&w

One of the first jobs I did when I took over at Time & Leisure was to rebrand the magazine. It had gone through various styles in the previous five years but I felt it needed a strong brand that readers could identify with. It had to be modern, clean and time-less. 10 years on and the brand is well established and still feels contemporary.

T&L logo

I am currently working on the brand extension for the T&L web-site and will update this when it’s ready.


Cura is the name of a group of 4 curators, who organised a mixed group art exhibition called Waking Silence in 2012. The logo reflects the theme of the curators were dealing with, investigating and questioning the natural circles of life and death.

Cura logo


Their previous branding was dark green, very b2b, they were looking for something that would stretch across b2b and b2c as they have commercial and residential customers. Looking for a fresher, softer hue I selected Pantone 327, combined with a steely grey to meet the brief.


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