Me and Mum, New Zealand, 2012 (above)

I love the creativity the camera offers and capturing a moment in time perfectly. I enjoy photographing most things but topics close to my heart are my daughter, moody landscapes, a well known face or two, but most of all I love how the camera creates an instant frame which helps me explore, watch and listen to the world.


Summerhill Farmw Glamping_3477w Glamping_3476Summerhill Farm

I can’t be entirely sure, but I believe this was the first time Luella had seen a feather, learnt what it was called, felt it, blew on it, and held it for the next 7 hours.

























IMG_6997lr  IMG_6988lr

The Reindeer Shoot, 2012

My daughter Luella loves dressing up and showing off, and we have lots of fun photographing and playing together with the camera, only problem is now that she’s getting a bit older she wants to be holding the camera!

13 Gallery Exhibition, April 2013

It was fab to see some of my photos hanging on the gallery wall at 13 Gallery in Islington. I was delighted to sell three pieces and get some brilliant feedback, plus a couple of potential shows…

On the beach, West Wittering, 2011 (below)

The sun came out for some brief seconds on West Wittering Beach and illuminated the brightly painted beach huts against the stormy seascape sky.

IMG_0465 IMG_0497 IMG_0528IMG_0493 IMG_0463 IMG_0461 IMG_0526 IMG_0502

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