Poppy love

One of the stand out events this year was the poppy installation at the Tower of London. The impact of seeing hundreds of thousands red poppies, turning the moat into a sea of blood and the enormity of the lives lost brought visitors together to give their respect through an amazing piece of conceptual art. My daughter and I took selfies, she saw the tower of London and learned about the meaning of the poppies. We then had fun by Tower Bridge and as ever she brightened the dullest of days. The next day we painted pictures of our day out, Luella’s painting of the poppies sums up the whole day for me, brilliant. Watch out Matisse!

Invitation to Open House Art Exhibition

IMG_4704_2923If you’re anywhere near Wimbledon, or fancy a mooch round some artists’ houses, I’m showing some of my paintings and photography as part of Merton Arts Trail during¬†the last weekend in September. I’ve been working on some mixed media work on canvas, combining photography, painting and sewing, and I’ve just finished a new abstract piece. I’ve not exhibited this work so I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

It’s a joint show, my Dad will also be showing his paintings and his Railway Mice books so we’re taking over the top two floors of the house. Come and have a bit of an explore and finish in the art studio at the top of the house.


Exhibition workLast weekend in September, 2013

It’s on for two weekends, 21 & 22 September and 28 & 29 September 12-6pm, but please come for the second weekend if you can as I’ll be there for there that weekend, otherwise you’ll meet my Mum or Dad!

There are a few other artists showing their work on Queens Road or very nearby so it’s worth exploring, we’re a ten minute walk from Wimbledon Station. View the interactive map and catalogue.

Merton Arts Trail : 21, 22, 28 & 29 September 2013

113 Queens Road, Wimbledon, SW19 8NS

Call me if you can’t find us! 07808 788880

Or email me if you’re coming: lucykane@icqmail.com