Poppy love

One of the stand out events this year was the poppy installation at the Tower of London. The impact of seeing hundreds of thousands red poppies, turning the moat into a sea of blood and the enormity of the lives lost brought visitors together to give their respect through an amazing piece of conceptual art. My daughter and I took selfies, she saw the tower of London and learned about the meaning of the poppies. We then had fun by Tower Bridge and as ever she brightened the dullest of days. The next day we painted pictures of our day out, Luella’s painting of the poppies sums up the whole day for me, brilliant. Watch out Matisse!

Ben De Lisi

At home with Ben De Lisi

Ben De LisiBen De Lisi was on the phone to the States when I arrived. He’s a busy man but spared me ten minutes to get some shots for the August edition of Time & Leisure. He’s just finished designing his sensational home in Battersea which we’re featuring in this months’ Interior Guide.

He was wearing a crisp, white shirt contrasting healthily with his tan fresh from Mikanos. After a quick hair restyle and ‘Is this shirt ok?” check, he struck a pose on his stairs, adorned with modern art. Those steely grey eyes sparkled like Mediterranean seas in the midday sun and oozed American confidence.

His dogs took little persuasion to join him in the garden for the second pose of the day. They adore each other, and a few little growls let me know they weren’t too sure of the camera. But it was Ben who reminded me time was up and as I was ushered out the door he waved me off with the wish it makes the front cover.

Blimey – no pressure Ben!

Ben De LisiBen De LisiBen De Lisi Ben De Lisi

Art fair 13 Gallery

Sometimes I find it tempting to keep my artwork secret and not risk showing anyone, but it was great to see some of my large format photos hanging at 13 Gallery’s April Art Fair. We had a good day with plenty of visitors, I was delighted to sell three pieces and potentially a couple of exhibitions to follow. Owners Alejandro and Katja from Cuba are a crazy mix of passion and business, they were keen to keep a few pieces in the gallery to sell and ended up taking seven. Thanks everyone who came and supported. Feel the love.