It was a heartwarming moment when gorgeous 10 day old baby Bertie spontaneously smiled as his mummy gave him a big kiss. Supposedly smiling doesn’t happen until babies are around one month, but little Bertie looks pretty happy to me in his mums arms.

A new baby brings a lot of joy to a family. In fact all the family were smitten with the new edition, you can just see the love on all their faces!

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Baby Bertie 10 days oldweb Bertie_album 14web Bertie_album 13web Bertie_album 11.1web Bertie_album 10web Bertie_album 9web Bertie_album 8web Bertie_album 7web Bertie_album 6web Bertie_album 4web Bertie_album 3

One thought on “Prince Baby Bertie

  1. Thanks Lucy I absolutely love the photos. My favourite is the one with Billy kissing Bertie, my two special princes!

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